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 The day of truth
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That I shall go      page publique

Every time I happen to think about it, I come up with the same conclusion,the obvious necessity of death, for SO many reasons. Basically, I find the place ill, mistaken, as well as many of its dwellers, I no longer grasp the sense of it, I see but incoherence, I would kill them for what they have done to her. Derrotismo, Aburrimiento,I must leave, they do not deserve all the pleasure they obtain, I feel a foreigner, one from another time and land, come here by mistake. I sha'n't abide by the rules of their world. I sha'n't live in the vague hope to recover a time that is now gone forever, I wish to travel and try my 'talent' elsewhere. Out of the world. Far from them, they are insane and dangerous, incoherent.
Quo usque tandem? I no longer stand being confined to this land of decay, I long for a better abode, everyday more, yet i doubt death might help me in reaching such a place. I am LOST. I have lost. I merely wait till I find a gun or barbiturates so as to flee at last.
Marabilia-there exist only those I imagine. Delusion, behind death might hide a more insane reality even. And --you asked for it, you remember?