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 The day of truth
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All hopes are gone, in some more or less real way. I still desire, of course, lust for some beauties around-but it is vain, the dream of it cannot go beyond the limits of my wide imagination. I am still looking forward to helping her and all, although I am adviced to wait, until she gets wiser and realises the nonsense of it-how harmful it is for her, how nonsensical it is, considering what sh yearns to. I'd like to have the great power to change her mind. I have no such ability, not even the courage or hatever it takes to tell her about it. She is so riled, so angry all the time, I daren't envision further consequences. Me da miedo. If anyone has a clue how to convince her... She is my only desire, and she is slowly killing herself, more precisely undermining all her too rare beautiness-which I love, actually, so much that not even death would appear a solution or a way out. The only way out is: she realises all the nonsense and quits [smoking-let me be clear this time]. I wish to preserve eternally the deep pleasure of contemplating her, the one compensation for my sorrow of not being loved by her. Along with, luckily, her friendship. Some may say I am not to complain, mu