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The day of truth
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This diary is not literature, of course. It doesn't mean to anyway. The purpose is strictly personal:I just spread my feelings on a virtual sheet, to calm down when I feel depressed or to kill the time, when I'm too bored stiff in the rotten place where I live. Catharsis, that is. In a way, It's "made up" with tough feelings. I write only when something hard happens to me. Writing helps me, in a way, to overcome it a little. It helps me solve my problems. In fact It's rather dumb:I mostly write when I feel depressed, rarely when I feel glad. Sadness, despair fill the pages. I need them to write something interesting, worth reading or, at least, browsing. If some day I "reach my goal"(kind of a miracle it would be, yeah), I'll just stop writing, till the miracle ends, till I have some despair or sadness again to fill the pages with.
That's all I do. Fill-in to calm down. A mere application of the catharsis. It was proved, however, that such things work. The Baudelaire folk did it too, and it worked apparently quite well.